Whether you like it or not, your words represent you. They leave an impression on the person reading them, and you always want to make the best impression even in the smallest ways. You may have sworn never to write again, but you may find yourself needing to write a well-crafted statement or a professional email and not knowing where to start. That blank screen gets overwhelming very quickly. In that situation, you have three options:

  • present something poorly written and make a subpar impression
  • get someone to walk you through it so you know what to do and how to do it for the next time
  • get someone to do it for you - especially if you're the person who swore never to write again

Here's where I come in...

Provided that it isn't an academic paper or a full-length novel, I can complete your writing task for you from start to finish. There's no need to overwhelm yourself and spend countless hours fretting over something relatively small when I've invested years of academic education, experience, and practice perfecting how to do it right.

Let me do it for you.

I have experience writing...

Cover letters
Website copy
Technical copy
Newspaper articles
Meeting minutes

Personal statements
Reference letters
Recommendation letters
Letters of recognition
Letters of resignation
Professional Emails

… but if you have something else that needs to be written, try me; I'm sure we can work something out.

So, why me?

I'm a people person.

Why does that matter?

It takes talent to work with words. It takes seasoned skill to work with words while having the social aptitude to engage with people, creating a comfortable and personable work environment no matter the complexity of the task at hand.

I'm skilled in understanding what people are trying to express, despite their inability to express it correctly, and helping them articulate it clearly and concisely. I excel at ensuring that people are at ease, heard, understood, and valued, throughout the entire process.


  1. My biggest asset is understanding what people are trying to express, despite their inability to express it correctly, and articulating it in the words they struggle to find.
  2. I get to know you so I can understand what you need and how to best help you
  3. I value clear, concise, powerful communication. 
  4. I am meticulous and thorough, with a sharp eye for detail.
  5. I like to focus on style, flow, and keeping a consistent voice in your writing.
  6. I have an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, and have dabbled in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Journalism.

How much will this cost me?

Rates are determined on a per project basis, depending on the size and nature of your project, your level of expectation, and how urgent your project is. Provide me with as much information as you can regarding your project and I can provide you with a quote before we get started

Have an obscure task and not sure if I can do it? Try me.
Whatever your project is, we can work something out so you accomplish whatever you need, however you need it. 

Wordsing doesn't have to be difficult.