It's difficult to watch your child struggle through a subject in school, but not every child learns at the same pace. Students learn in different ways, at different paces, and in different settings. A standard education system can only provide so much when it comes to your child's particular needs, so seeking extra help is not uncommon.

I've worked with students in various contexts as an academic tutor and mentor, walking them through the basics of language arts - reading, writing, and self-expression - in English and Social Science courses. I'm also experienced in working with ESL students to help them get a better grasp of the English language, particularly if they come from an Arabic-speaking home. 

Does my child need a tutor?

Are your child's grades slipping?
Is it taking them a long time to get through their homework?
Are they frustrated while doing their homework or studying for tests?
Are they unable to explain what they were taught in class that day?
Does a certain subject get them exasperated and angry?

How does tutoring help?

As a tutor my first task is to get to know your child. We are, after all, two people working together toward the same goal. In getting to know your child I can better understand their priorities, their frustrations, what they struggle with, and how they prefer to learn; this allows me to tailor my sessions to meet his or her exact needs as they've expressed them.  

Having one-on-one help allows your child room to ask more specific questions and to focus their time on target areas in which they may require more help. As your child sees better results throughout the tutoring sessions they will grow more confident in their ability to perform academically, which will carry over into their classroom setting. 

How much will this cost me?

Tutoring is offered in single, one-hour sessions or as a bundle of five (5) one-hour sessions. If your child requires assistance throughout an entire course, we can chat and arrange for something more long-term with sessions tailored to your child's particular needs in a single subject area. There are no hard and fast rules about how tutoring sessions are set up; provide me with as much information as you can regarding your child's needs and I can provide you with feedback and a quote before we get started

Commitment-Free Guarantee:

Student-tutor relationships, much like any healthy relationship, need to consist of two people who are comfortable with each other and confident in their ability to work together. Some people just aren't a good fit for one another, and that's okay. Even if your child needs a bundle of tutoring sessions or assistance throughout an entire course, I will not rush you into a commitment. If after the first session we can agree that your child and I are a good fit, we'll proceed as planned. If not, I will only charge you for that particular tutoring session and hope that you are able to find a tutor better suited for your child.