oh, hi!

That's usually a good way to start; that, or "no, you can't touch my hair."

Anyway, welcome to my little nook; I'm glad you found me. This is my corner where I verbally vomit the goings on of my chaotic world – occasionally making sense – then clean it all up and act like a sane professional again.

When I'm not contributing to "the slovenliness of [the English] language" by  creating my own words, I'm a linguistic miracle worker and confused twentysomething writer who loves to tell stories through pictures, words, and crazy adventures. I also have a knack for saying the things no one else dares to say, correcting people's grammar mid-sentence, and spontaneously picking up and getting on airplanes unannounced. It's a gift.


You'd think a writer would be good at talking about herself, but I'd much rather sit down and chat over a cup of tea and ask you deep, personal, potentially uncomfortable questions to get to know you a bit better. Until then, you should probably know that...

I answer to almost any name that starts with m; I also answer to 'Farah'. // I'm constantly trying to capture my displaced sense of home. // I walk around with red balloons in my purse. // I've lived more lives than the average cat. // Summer 2014: I crammed 4 other people and their belongings into my Camry and drove from Toronto to Los Angeles and back. // I have absolutely no filters – not even on my Instagram posts. // After 20 years of living in Canada, I picked up my life and moved back to Egypt. // My curls are as crazy as my personality. // In another life, I wore nothing but black and rocked out to P!nk and Sean Paul.

Somewhere in the messy confines of my mind are a clusterfuck of musings that only make sense to me once I articulate them in words - this is why I write. I write to maintain my sanity; I write to think out loud; I write to share stories; I write because it's my happy place.

"I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say." - Flannery O'Connor

The Girl With the Red Balloon. Photo by Ahmed Najeeb

The Girl With the Red Balloon. Photo by Ahmed Najeeb


That was in another life – before I relocated from Canada to Cairo and worked as senior/copy editor for a publication that's part of a digital media agency. Now I use hashtags relentlessly and identify with words like ‘twentysomething’ and ‘digital nomad’, yet have maintained my ever-growing love affair with semicolons and the Oxford comma. It's funny how life changes in your twenties.

Between telling stories about my many misadventures and the confusing chaos that is life in your twenties, doing anything with words makes me tick. Around here, I call that wordsing.

Beyond the editing and the copywriting, I have this nearly poetic love for telling stories and helping others discover that their stories are worth telling. I want to invest my energy into doing what makes me want to get out of bed even when the covers are warm and it's cold outside: expressing essence through words and stories. I’m invested in this truth that every person is a culmination of stories, and I want to give those stories life through words.

So, what’s your story?