Allow me to start with an apology… 

I'm sorry you're stuck taking English classes straight through the end of high school. Really, I am. I imagine that a few of you feel the same way about mandatory English classes as I did about my god-forsaken 11th grade math class. I mean, knowing how to express yourself in an articulate manner is one of those necessary skills that'll carry you through the mess that is adulthood, but you probably needn't be quoting Shakespeare to make it through your twenties. At least, I haven't needed it so far.

I digress.

Do you...

… get frustrated at assignments that seem useless?
… not understand why writing 'most anything will be beneficial to you in the future?
… struggle to write down what you're thinking?
… find it hard to come up with ideas to write for essays?
… not even understand what your assignment is about?
… leave your assignments and essays to the last minute and submit them without double-checking them?
… just not know how to please your English teacher anymore?

I can help.

Whether you need someone to take a look at your assignment or walk you through it from start to finish, I'm sure I can help. My services are not limited to English classes; I can also help with philosophy, history, geography, any social sciences, and whatever other classes that require any form of writing. 

Why me?

  1. 1. I'm skilled in understanding what people are trying to express, despite their inability to express it correctly, and helping them articulate it clearly and concisely. 
  2. I excel at ensuring that people are at ease, heard, understood, and valued, throughout the entire process.
  3. I'm a recent graduate who can still relate to what it means to work last minute, struggle to meet deadlines, not care about a course, and be frustrated at the complications of an assignment. 
  4. Most of my work is with high school and university/college students, with academic writing/editing being one of my strongest skills.

Applying for university?

Application forms are daunting and trying to sell yourself for an acceptance is draining. Certain guidelines are necessary for you to get through these applications, all of which I can provide. I have experience walking students through the entire university application process - from the OUAC website to law school personal statements - as it's a process that I, myself, have done several times and am confident in. Not sure what you're doing with university applications, or need a little help? Let me know.

How much will this cost you?

Rates are determined on a per project basis, depending on the size and nature of your project; your level of expectation; how many times you want to meet; and how urgent your project is. Provide me with as much information as you can regarding your project and I can provide you with a quote before we get started

Not sure exactly what kind of help you need? Fill me in on the details of your project and we can figure it out. Whatever your project is, we'll tailor it so we accomplish whatever you need, however you need it.


Yes, Macbeth was absolutely crazy.
No, you're not wrong for wanting to use Lord of the Flies to start a campfire. 
Yes, I can help.