Most thoughts never sound the same way on paper as they do in your head, do they?

You have the ideas. You have the words. You've done the write-up. So, why doesn't it sound right?

Articulation is difficult. The essence of what you're trying to express tends to get lost somewhere in the process between thoughts to words. 

The good news is that this is normal.

The better news is that I can help you fix it.

The first step is to figure out what you want to say and how you want to say it. If you're struggling to do this, I can help with that, too. Once you've established your ideas and put your thought process into words, you need to edit it and proofread it. The trouble with this is that, after reading your own words several times over, you begin to recite them verbatim as opposed to actually reading them in search of error. 

It's important to have someone other than yourself edit or proofread your work. 


Proofreading is when you need an extra set of eyes to look over your work in case you missed something after your 30th time reading the same thing over again. It means that you have a completed draft of your project that I will revise for language, sense, flow, readability, grammar, syntax, stylistic errors, typos, and any other thing you may have missed. I will make changes to sentence structure and word choice, or leave room for you to do so if I'm not familiar with the subject matter.

Editing is when you need someone to do some fixing and restructuring of your work so your ideas make more sense, read well, and express what you intended to express. It means that you have the ideas on paper in somewhat coherent sentences but the entire piece doesn't read well, so I will revise not only for the same things I do when I proofread, but also for logic, voice, structure, and content. I will make changes to paragraph structure and reconstruct sentences, given that I am familiar with the subject matter.


  1. My biggest asset is understanding what people are trying to express, despite their inability to express it correctly, and articulating it in the words they struggle to find.
  2. I get to know you so I can understand where you're coming from and how to best help you.
  3. I value clear, concise, powerful communication. 
  4. I am meticulous and thorough, with a sharp eye for detail.
  5. I provide feedback, commentary, and suggestions, allowing you to make decisions about how you wish to communicate.
  6. Editing/proofreading is done using the 'track changes' feature; all changes are yours to accept or reject.
  7. I like to focus on style, flow, and maintaining a consistent writing voice.

How much will this cost me?

Rates are determined on a per project basis, depending on the size and nature of your project; your level of expectation; how many times I edit/proofread your work; and how urgent your project is. Provide me with as much information as you can regarding your project and I can provide you with a quote before we get started

Not sure whether it's editing or proofreading that you need? Fill me in on the details of your project and I can let you know. Whatever your project is, we'll tailor it so we accomplish whatever you need, however you need it.