Expressing yourself through words can be difficult, regardless of whether English is your first language or your seventh. It may be difficult to grasp what's expected of you in a certain situation and it's best to ask for help rather than being overwhelmed by a blank page. How you express yourself is how you choose to represent yourself, and you want to do that well.

Do you need...

… someone to walk you through your project while providing insight, guidance, and feedback?
… help navigating what to do for a task, or how to do it?
… to pass an English proficiency test?
… to learn how to write something well so you can do it on your own?
… a resume or a cover letter that you can update on your own?

Let me help.

Consulting is a package deal, almost like having a personal trainer for your writing.

It means that whatever it is you're working on becomes something that we're working on together. Instead of doing the work for you, I will walk you through the process from start to finish, providing ideas, feedback, support, and a push of motivation if you ever feel defeated. 

We will discuss your project, your goals, your desired outcome, your commitment, your strengths and weaknesses, and our expectations of each other. From there, I will serve as your sounding board for thoughts and ideas; I will explain to you how to better communicate what you are trying to say, so not only do you have a successful end product but are also aware of how to better communicate in the future; I will provide meticulous editing and proofreading within our pre-established timelines; I will ensure that your final product says exactly what you want it to say.

I'm a people person and my biggest asset is understanding what people are trying to express despite their inability to communicate it correctly. Once we sit down over a cup of tea (or over Skype) and chat a little, I can easily understand what your vision is and help you bring it to life. 

Consulting not only guarantees you a task completed to meet your expectations, it also sets you up with the knowledge and skills so you're equipped to handle any similar task on your own. Consider me the training wheels on your new bike, and soon you'll learn to speed through your tasks without me. 

consulting includes:

  • putting together a vision and plan to get the task done
  • brainstorming for content
  • serving as a sounding board for ideas, questions, etc.
  • being present for feedback as you piece together your content
  • editing sessions in which we edit together, equipping you to better communicate your  ideas
  • editing and proofreading final drafts
  • a final project that exceeds your expectations

consulting for:


  • small businesses
  • personal statements 
  • press releases
  • resumes and cover letters
  • English proficiency exam preparation
  • research papers
  • talks/lectures
  • essays and assignments
  • articles, social media posts, and online content

So, why me?

I'm a people person.

Why does that matter?

It takes talent to work with words. It takes seasoned skill to work with words while having the social aptitude to engage with people, creating a comfortable and personable work environment no matter the complexity of the task at hand.

I'm skilled in understanding what people are trying to express, despite their inability to express it correctly, and helping them articulate it clearly and concisely. I excel at ensuring that people are at ease, heard, understood, and valued, throughout the entire process.


  1. My biggest asset is understanding what people are trying to express, despite their inability to express it correctly, and articulating it in the words they struggle to find.
  2. I get to know you so I can understand where you're coming from and how to best help you.
  3. I value clear, concise, powerful communication. 
  4. I am meticulous and thorough, with a sharp eye for detail.
  5. I provide feedback, commentary, and suggestions, allowing you to learn and make decisions about how you wish to communicate.
  6. Editing/proofreading is done using the 'track changes' feature; all changes are yours to accept or reject.
  7. I like to focus on style, flow, and maintaining a consistent writing voice.

How much will this cost me?

Rates are determined on a per project basis depending on the size and nature of your project, your level of expectation, how many times you want to meet, and how urgent your project is. Provide me with as much information as you can regarding your project and I can provide you with a quote before we get started

Not sure you need all of the above? Consulting doesn't have to include all of those things. Whatever your project is, we'll tailor our sessions so you accomplish whatever you need, however you need it.