Why I Quit My Job to Explore Egypt


"Egypt is great if you fly in straight to Sharm and then stop over in Cairo for just a day to see family before you fly back out."

"Listen, I love this country, but I'm not a fan of the people."

"Why the hell would you move back to Egypt?!"

Fielding these questions has grown so exhausting over the past year and a bit. I still don't understand why people see things this way, especially people who – at some point or another – call(ed) Egypt home.

Has it become a trend to hate on Egypt? Is that what all the cool kids do these days – talk about how crappy Egypt is? Or do they talk about how beautiful it is but only stay cooped up in Rehab – when they're not vacationing year-round in Gouna, that is?

Yes, I moved back to Egypt a year ago after living abroad for 20 years.

Yes, it was a voluntary decision that I don't regret.

Yes, I love this country and all of its inconveniences.

Now I'm damn tired of everyone bitching and moaning about this country and its people. 

Are you trying to convince me that interacting with Egyptians is awful? Are you trying to convince me that every time you set foot outside your apartment door, you're going to have a shitty experience? Are you trying to convince me that there's nothing worth seeing, doing, or exploring in Egypt?

Really? Okay, challenge accepted.

Driven by the conviction that beauty exists in this country and its people if you choose to see it, I quit my day job to go out in search of it all.

I want to see the places, meet the people, and discover the culture – one not marred by 'globalization' and 'westernization' and a fascination for all things foreign. You won't find me in Sahel and you won't find me in Sharm. You'll find me in places like Minya, Assiut, Port Said, and all the way over to Aswan. 

Come hell or high water (or busted iPhones), I'm out to prove – through pictures and stories –that Egypt and its people are incomparably beautiful.

Come see Egypt through my eyes, won't you?