Hey, students...

Pulled an all-nighter and need someone to make sure your BS is believable? 

Done writing but still not sure what you were writing about?

Read your work so many times that you've started to recite it from memory instead of actually proofreading it?

No idea what to write about, or how to write it?

Still don't know how to cite things in MLA format?

Need to rescue your GPA? 

Don't worry. I can help.

If you're anything like me when I was a student, your entire academic career looks something like this Calvin & Hobbes cartoon. 

You know when things are due but somehow you always wait for last-minute panic. You're taking a course because you have to but you know nothing about the topic you have to write about. All your courses are so similar that you can't tell if what you wrote makes sense or if you're mixing in irrelevant information from other courses. You think the hard part is over until you find yourself staring at a blank Works Cited page, befuddled. 

I get it. 

As a student I dabbled in a wide variety of Humanities, Social Science, English, and Communications courses - if I wasn't writing, I was doing readings; if I wasn't doing readings, I was writing; somewhere in the middle I was binge watching Friends.

Most of my professional experience is with students: between editing and proofreading papers and theses, brainstorming and bouncing ideas for papers and projects, structuring projects and applications, and 'most everything in between. Whatever it is you're working on, I'm sure I can help.

How I can help:

Editing & Proofreading: After completing an assignment you usually need someone to review your work and do some correcting and restructuring so your ideas make more sense, read well, and express what you intended to express. We may go back and forth several times with multiple edits, depending on how much work is necessary on both our parts in order to make your task sound as it was intended to.

CoachingCoaching is a package deal, almost like having a personal trainer for your writing. It means that whatever it is you're working on becomes something that we're working on together. Instead of doing the work for you, I will walk you through the process from start to finish, providing ideas, feedback, and support. Coaching is for anything from essays to personal statements and program applications, but you can find more information on that here

How much will this cost you?

Rates are determined on a per project basis, depending on the size and nature of your project; your level of expectation; how many times you want to meet; and how urgent your project is. Provide me with as much information as you can regarding your project and I can provide you with a quote before we get started

Not sure exactly what kind of help you need? Fill me in on the details of your project and we can figure it out. Whatever your project is, we'll tailor it so we accomplish whatever you need, however you need it.